Monday, January 9, 2012

You Are Heaven Sent!

Like many of you, I have one of those inspirational quote calendars sitting around.   Each day you flip it and it has something uplifting or thought provoking written.  Well, that is if you remember to flip it each day, sometimes it can turn into a 2 year thing if you space flipping it.

Today I flipped to see " There is a difference between living and just breathing.  Choose to live.  Use your gifts and your days wisely, deliberately.  You were put here for a purpose.".

There are days I wonder what my purpose is.  Really, do I do anything, go anywhere or run into anyone that makes a difference?  Especially lately, I have pretty much been captive in my own home.  There is nothing like the feeling that you aren't being or doing what you are suppose to.  Whose to say though that I'm not doing what I was called to do at this time in my life.

What is your calling?  I am learning and trying to put into practice what mine is.  Let me start with this...

"But Jesus said to them, 'I must preach about God's kingdom to other towns too.  This is why I was sent.'  Luke 4:43"

You might be wondering how this applies to you.  Well, we were put on this earth to be His light, to share and show His love.  Does this mean that you have to become a minister, NO.  Does this mean that you have to teach at a Christian school, NO.  Does this mean you need to run off to another country to be a missionary, NO.  Plain simple English here...God is calling us wherever we may be RIGHT NOW.

Which means RIGHT NOW, I am a wife, mother, friend, co-worker, etc.  This means that in every area of my life I should be living an example that would point to Him and share His message of HOPE.  RIGHT NOW as a wife my calling is my husband, to be loving, supporting, encouraging, etc.  To my kids, they are my current mission field.  Every action and word is telling them something, hopefully it's a message of love, hope, faith, endurance,etc.  Friends, to remind them that nothing is too difficult, that above all this love will see us through.  Work place, peace, hope, encouragement, light, etc.

Whether your making your spouse their next meal, or dropping the kids off at school, heading to work, running to the grocery store, going to school, hitting the gym...where we go and who we are around immediately becomes our mission field, our calling.  Each day is a fresh start to be the LIGHT He has called us to be.  Question you know what you were sent for?

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