Monday, January 23, 2012

The Fear Factor!

"Don't be afraid", "Don't be afraid", "Don't be afraid", "Don't be afraid", "Don't be afraid"...

You are probably thinking "what in the world are you afraid of Jenny, that you would need to repeat to yourself not to be afraid".  Well, honestly there are lots of things I could be and am afraid of, but we aren't talking about me today.

My little girls life has been turned, twisted, bumped, thrown all around over the last 7 months and from that has come a lot of fear.  Fear of dying, fear of getting sick, fear of germs, fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of people, fear of things, and the list goes on.  As a mother this breaks my heart.

"Fear not for I am with you...Isaiah 41:10"

Children have such big imaginations, such great faith, such loving spirits.  My princess knows that there is a God, knows that He loves her, knows that He is always with us, but yet right now, fear consumes her. 

Ironically, lately she has been wanting me to read scripture to her each night and since we have been reading almost every night it is mentioned to not be afraid.  God has approached several people in our reading and he commands them to not be afraid.

God obviously knew way ahead of time that fear is something that we would all struggle with.  It's one of those things that is so much easier said then done sometimes, right?  How many things in our everyday life do we fear?

We fear our kids wont be liked or excepted among their peers, we fear we wont have enough money to cover the bills, we fear we might be in an accident, we fear we wont be excepted, we fear we might lose our job, we fear this or that might happen.  I have news for you, the Lord says "DO NOT BE AFRAID".

He is always with us;  He is there to be our friend when no one else will; He is there to supply all our needs (not wants, needs); He is there to bring peace to our storm; He is there to give wisdom for the decisions we have to make.  He is the I AM, the KING of KING, the ALPHA and OMEGA, the SAVIOR, the STRONG TOWER, the PRINCE of PEACE, He is our EVERYTHING

So do not fear, for He is with you.  Whatever you may be afraid of right now, give it over to Him.  Let Him bring His everlasting peace to your fear.  He will see you through, He brings peace like no other.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14:17"

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