Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello? Anyone There?

Have you ever been called to do something that you just didn't know the how's or whys?  Why is it that we can't simple say "yes".  We have to fully think it through; figure out all the "what ifs", and try to plan it out step by step.  That is just our human tendencies.  Question is, was all that in the calling?  When God calls us, isn't He looking for a willing and ready vessel.  Someone to say "Yes Lord, use me".  What happens though is He calls, we answer and then we forget that He is the one who called.  He called because He knows He can use us and our abilities.  He didn't call thinking "gosh, what can they do, what can they offer to this, why even bother".  No, He called because He know we can and He wants to use us. 

I felt God calling me to start this blog awhile be honest, I kept putting it off.  One excuse after another, but then I realized, it didn't matter what I thought and how it would all come about, what mattered is that He asked.  Was I going to be His faithful servant and listen to what He was calling me to do, or was I going to hold it up by thinking how incompetent I was at this, etc.  We have a way of making excuses...Oh not me, not the right timing, I can't do this, how will it come together.  When we forget that it isn't through us anyway that it all happens, it's through Him.  I don't know what His reasoning's were for me to blog, maybe it was to see if I would listen, if I would step out in faith, maybe it was to challenge me and capture lessons He is teaching me, maybe it is to be used to be a light directing others to Him.  Only God truly knows the whys.

I can say that I am so glad that I have listened.  I wouldn't want to pass up on an opportunity in which He has assigned to me...I wouldn't want to find out that because I wasn't willing, that He had to move on to someone else to accomplish what He is at work doing. 

What has God called you to do?  Are you finding an excuse to not step out in FAITH or are you listening and allowing God to move and work in you.  Be the light and example in everything that you do.  He is simply looking for those ready and willing.

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