Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Encourage One Another Daily!

I love an encouraging word! Doesn't it brighten your day when someone sends you a hand written note, a text message, a FB message, a special little gift, all just to say Hi or thinking of you.  I enjoy those moments when you are at church or listening to the radio and you hear something that makes your heart happy, maybe even brings a tear to your eye because it's just so amazing.

What is it that moves you?

Are you one who is always grumpy, only sees the negative in things, enjoys making ones self glorified so others look less?  Or, are you one who enjoys happiness, wants to make the most of things, likes brightening someone elses day?

"Encourage someone daily...We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement.  Encouragement is oxygen to the soul. -George M Adams"

We have all had them, those rough days.  Those days when it's like could anything else possibly go wrong, and then it happens.  Something or someones comes along and brightens your gloomy day.  Doesn't it just put a skip to your step, a smile to the once frown, a glimpse of hope to your drought of sorrow.  I know it does for me.

Another good quote I have heard is "be kinder then necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle".

We are so quick to let loose if it doesn't go our way.  When really, we aren't the only ones facing something.  We all face something at some point in time whether big or small, and if we could all just remember that we are oxygen to someones soul, what a better place this could be.

Things come up in life that are hard, frustrating, disappointing, unexpected, but when that happens we have to be ready to choose.  We have to remember that it's a choice to live your days in pain, hurt, sorrow, grief, or you could choose live in peace, hope, strength and happiness.  It's a choice!  Hope you are choosing to live each day in His light, which brings peace, hope, strength and happiness.

"I am the way and the truth and the life."  John 14:6

I don't ever want to be the person that deflates someones oxygen source, I want to help supply that source.  Jesus is my everyday oxygen source.  He is the lifter of my soul.  He knows just the right thing to say or do to make my day oh so much brighter, but some of that does depend on me and how I choose to see it and except it.  Let's choose the life He has for us and created us for.

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